Quality policy


Rob Jor Bebe S.L.’s quality policy has been created to satisfy the company's needs to guarantee our work developed on it, accomplish the technical requirements of our clients and contributes on social values diffusion.

Commitment with Quality


In its commitment with quality, Rob Jor S.L takes as reference the EFQM’s Excellency model. This quality policy is present in every single action of all department our company is divided.


Since 2012, we have been working within this model. Its goal is to achieve a more efficient and effective management. The identification of strong and weak points applied on different fields of the company, are the main base on the continuous improvement process.


Environment management


We consider our business development has to fit in with sustainable development criteria, that guaranties a proper resources management and an environment protection as well as accomplish the society demands.

Aware of it, our society is included on the environmental department of Basque Country Government as “ Pequeños Productores de Residuos Peligrosos de la Comunidad Autónoma del País Vasco" (By meaning Small Producers of Dangerous Waste from the autonomous community of Basque Country) with registration number: EU 3/3934/2009

That implies our company produce an annual quantity of dangerous waste less than 10 tons. It has defined processes and the necessary systems for waste management, storage and late shipment for its treatment.


Social implication


Rob Jor S.L. contributes actively with UNICEF on the Program “Multiplica por la infancia”. This Program has been set into motion so enterprises of all kind can contribute on African children’s education.