Machinery and working conditions are prepared to obey the Spanish legislation in terms of labor risk prevention. We have outsourced the monitoring of this regulations achievement with an specialized company which audit us once a year.

Each productive activity has to achieve some quality standard requirements, that are checked out periodically with a frequency established for each one beforehand.
Almost all the productive processes requiring manufacturing of our products are carried out in our own installations. It implies more complexity but allows cost saving and a better product control in every single production phase.


A bending machine accumulates energy by a flywheel and transfers it mechanically (total revolution press) to a cutting die or a matrix by a crank-connecting rod system.

We have fifteen bending machines available for cold cutting and bending metal sheets, four of them ready to make automatic cutting with progressive cutting die.

The raw material are blades made of steel or stainless steel. Our metal suppliers are Spanish.
The die cutting are designed and manufactured in Spain. In our factory we count on a maintenance workshop and well trained people for keeping the machinery and the equipment in good shape.
From a minimum quantity required we can manufacture with the trade mark of our clients stamped on the metal sheet.


Shaping by injection consist on injecting a melt polymer trough a small hole into a cold and closed under pressure mould. In it, the material becomes solid starting to crystallize on semicrystalline polymers. The piece or final part is obtained by opening the mould and removing from the cavity the shaped piece.

We own eight plastic injection machines. The mould building and its maintenance are outsourced to Spanish companies.
We usually work with ABS materials, polystyrene and polypropylene. From a minimum quantity required, we manufacture with the plastic colors our clients demands.


The need of sharpening very specific products and the lack of standardized machinery on the market, makes the design of the machinery and specific sharpening procedures so important.

This is the main production phase for much of the products to guaranty the quality to the final customer.
We design machinery and special sharpening and rectifying procedures, achieving a quality high valued by our clients.


On the vibrating surface treatment technique we use porcelain and ceramic abrasives. In a vibrating cask the abrasives move freely, so they acquire the necessary energy to crush against the pieces and smoothen them. The excess of material from the surface of the pieces is removed by friction.

We count on five vibrating machines for the surface finishing process, burr removing, smoothing and brightening.
We work with Spanish suppliers specialized on high quality products for the chrome, nickel and golden lining


Welding is a method based on pressure and temperature, in which the part of the pieces to be welded are heated by heavy current trough contact electrodes almost up to the fusion temperature and then pressed together.

We have two welding machines. On them the weld the tweezers and clippers of the nail clippers. Both machines are semiautomatic with electropneumatic tweezers in order to center the piece.


Tampography consist on a metal sheet, sheathed with a photosensitive emulsion where the image is engraved by a chemical process forming a rotogravure. This metal sheet is covered with ink and swept by a knife, then a silicone rubber tampon is pressed the engraved design on the sheet and takes the ink from it, afterward the piece is printed by contact.

We have four tampography machines. We print our most important clients trade mark, following their instructions concerning design, color, size, etc.


Is the last of our processes and in most of the cases it is a manual labor.

At the final set up we remove the plastic pieces injection points and put together all the pieces to get the final product. This work is done in an specific area of our workshop at the final product storage.
In this phase we make the final quality controls.