Manufacturing manicure products

Cuticle cutter

Sapphire Nail file

Hand nail clippers



Manufacturing pedicure products

Dry skin scrapers

Callosity cutter

Foot nail clippers



Manufacturing other products

Childcare scissors

Earwax cleaner




Welcome to our company

We are a Spanish company that manufacture mostly manicure and pedicure tools.

Rob Jor started its activity in Argentina on the 50 decade. In 1966 it moved to Spain manufacturing since then from Oyón (Alava). In 2004 it grew up by constructing a new workshop attached to the initial one.

We are a family business. Nowadays the management team is composed by the founder progeny. Our most important clients are distributors of hygienic and personal care products and childcare enterprises.

On what we work?

We work for our products to be quality, design and innovative competitive.

We make thoroughly quality controls in each of our productive processes. A Technical Engineering is outsourced to provide the product functionality and aesthetic. Innovation is the key in our company. Starting from new ideas, we develop products that provide the customer advantages on its use.

Our productive processes are: cutting and bending of metal sheet, plastic injection, welding, sharpening / rectifying, surface finishing, tampography and final set up.